Something old





(Filippa K shirt and jacket / Étoile Isabel Marant jeans / New Balance 420 sneakers)

I actually got these New Balance sneakers a year ago, shortly after I got them in black first, and which I’ve been wearing all the time last year. And I kind of forgot I had these as well. Time to put them on. I like how they add a certain freshness to what I’m wearing, perfect for a sunny, relaxed weekend.


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2 Responses to Something old

  1. Theresa says:

    New Balance has always made some of my favorite sneakers. Love their line and those ones you’re wearing are no exception. I really like how sneakers just work so well with like everything these days and they finish off that combo just great. Looking good babe! :)


  2. I also gave in for these NB. It’s true that they are comfortable as slippers !

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