Bohemian dress

Anine Bing bohemian dress Anine Bing bohemian dress Anine Bing bohemian dress Anine Bing bohemian dress

(Anine Bing bohemian dress / Castaner espadrilles)

Not my usual pick, but I think it’s a nice change from my regular jeans and t-shirt. :) I wanted this dress ever since Anine Bing released it. If I remember correctly, a year ago already and finally decided to get it about a month ago. Yes, I can be indecisive like that. I could have worn them with sandals or heels, but since I’m really lazy lately and reach for comfortable footwear, I chose these espadrilles. Been leaning towards espadrilles a lot lately as you may have noticed.


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6 Responses to Bohemian dress

  1. Bella says:

    I love the whimsical dress and actually think that the espadrilles suit it very well.

  2. Theresa says:

    This dress is such a pretty piece and totally timeless. Awesome that you finally decided to get it. I like how it can totally work with a range of footwear and the espadrilles are a great match. Really like the natural setting you chose to shoot in. Looking beautiful Kayin! :)


  3. Florence says:

    Hello Kayin,

    Love your dress. It suits you very well.

    Which size did you take?



  4. Really beautiful. The dress, espadrilles and backdrop look like they were made for each other. Such beautiful detailing in the dress. I can see why you were so drawn to it.

    Mandi /

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