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Instagram Logomania 1 April 2015

Sharing a recap of what has been going on on my Instagram account lately. With the transition from Winter to Spring, I can’t help but thinking of refreshing my Spring/Summer wardrobe. And so, I have been browsing around for some useful items I could add to my wardrobe. I also try to share more quick snapshots of my “ootds” on my Instagram account, things I am doing and an occasional pic of my own “grumpy cat”. :)

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Classics forever

Logomania 150330_01Logomania 150330_02Logomania 150330_03

Invest in classics, treat them well, and you will have them for a lifetime, haha! Well, at least that is what I am trying to do, as much as possible, and within my means of course. Got this Burberry trench about 7 years ago and it has treated me well over all these years. Can you believe that back then, I paid half for what it retails for nowadays? Would love to have the shorter version in beige, but knowing I have to pay twice as much now is something that is seriously holding me back. Maybe one day…

In other words, if you have any classic items on your wish list, go get them now (provided you can afford them of course) and don’t wait. It will only increase in price. ;)

Have a great week!

BURBERRY trench coat
FILIPPA K silk shirt
JIMMY CHOO Agnes pumps

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Logomania 150327_01

Logomania 150327_03

Logomania 150327_02

Perhaps combining this coat with my Levi’s is not an obvious thing to do. But I think adding the coat to the casual combination of jeans and sneakers creates a nice balance somehow. I love these jeans so much, I really could wear them all day every day!

Ugh, yesterday was just such a cold and rainy day and although I shouldn’t complain too much about the weather, I still hate it and really had enough of this weather. I am really jealous of everyone living in sunnier places. Please Spring come soon!

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

I am wearing:

ST. JAMES shirt
LEVI’S 501 CT jeans

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Wednesday Morning

Logomania 150325_01Logomania 150325_04Logomania 150325_03Logomania 150325_02Logomania 150325_05


ACNE STUDIOS skin 5 jeans
CHANEL ballet flats
CHANEL 2.55 bag

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New Levi’s 501 CT

Logomania 150323_01Logomania 150323_02Logomania 150323_03

Ever since I saw the announcement of the Levi’s 501 CT I have been waiting for their release as I really wanted a pair of Levi’s 501 for a long time. Unfortunately, the vintage and current regular designs looked really awkward on me. The high waist and the straight legs somehow just don’t look flattering on me. So I am really happy that Levi’s came out with the CT version (customised and tapered). And they don’t disappoint. :)

Have a wonderful week!

I am wearing:

BALENCIAGA leather jacket
LEVI’S 501 CT jeans
ST. JAMES shirt

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