How Did Our All-Natural Fabric Adventure Begin?

Once upon a time, I came home from a shopping spree with Jess only to find my closer full to bursting. It was time to Mary Condo my way through the clothes to find room for my new purchases.

What should have taken an hour, turned into a week-long process of washing, sorting, recycling, and donating. The difference in wear and tear across the items was surprising. Some of my favorite tees looked barely worn after a decade, while poly-blend yoga pants went straight to the junk pile.

That’s when we first started wondering about fabrics. Some facts about polyester, nylon, and even cotton were horrible enough to make us return the recent additions to our wardrobe. We did not want to add more clothes to the landfills that would take decades to degrade.

Our fascination with natural fabric increased. The more we learned, the less fast fashion excited us, and the more sustainable and durable items we chose. The idea for an all-natural fabric online store came after our synthetic fabric awareness campaign took off on social media. However, getting a business loan was not a walk in the park. It took us a while to create a viable business plan, get our savings in order, and find part-time employees ready to work for minimum wage.

Still, finding reliable suppliers for organic cotton and cruelty-free angora was even harder than securing a bank loan. Piles of paperwork were nothing compared to online research, lengthy negotiations, and shipment tracking. We like to believe we faced every obstacle with grace, but sometimes giving up seemed like the best option. Yet, here we are, Jess and Meg, running a successful online store for the like-minded environment-conscious fashionistas.

Natural Fabrics Are Perfect for Everything

We would have laughed at you had you told us something like this a couple of years ago. Now we know better. Natural fabrics are superior in every way, even if they are pricy. Here are just a few suggestions for you to consider:

  • Clothes made from natural materials are more durable, comfortable, and healthy. Kids and people with sensitive skin will appreciate the breathability that prevents skin irritation and rashes.
  • Underwear and first layer clothing deserve a special place on our list. Cotton or silk can be more seductive and durable than polyester without potential health risks.
  • Bedclothes from cotton, linen, or silk are a special pleasure. They help you warm up during the long winter nights or cool down in the scorching summer.
  • Table linens, couch pillows, and napkins from heavy cotton and linen look expensive and elegant. They help make your home cozy and welcoming like polyester never could.

You could say that natural fabrics are a lot of work. However, it takes only a couple of tries to find your perfect blend, and once you do, you will never want to go back to rayon, spandex, or modal. For us, natural fabrics were the first step on the way to a more sustainable lifestyle and a new chapter in our story. We hope our humble online store becomes an inspiration for your all-natural adventure.