One Day in Our Life

Running an online business is simultaneously easier and harder than having a steady nine-to-five job. A chance to plan our days with no regard for office hours is a plus. Still, the number of responsibilities and errands the natural fabric store generates requires careful juggling and planning. Today we offer a glimpse into our daily routines that make our online store possible.

Meal Prep Time

Whoever invented meal prep was definitely thinking of business owners or moms. While we do not follow a strict meal plan, such as a keto or a vegetarian diet, we try to keep the fridge and pantry free of junk food. Meal prep makes it so much easier because when you have an option to grab a healthy bite, you won’t reach for chips or chocolate bars.

Saturday is our standard shopping and meal prep day. We do not use individual containers for every meal; instead, we rely on family-style prep work. This way, our fridge is not overrun by Tupperware, and we can mix and match basic ingredients into new and exciting combinations every day. After a few failed experiments, we decided that this approach is best for us because we get bored with the same meals every day.

Another trick we rely on heavily to regulate sugar intake is never to buy unhealthy snacks. We might crave them, but if we can’t find any at home, we are usually too lazy to go shopping.

Yoga Break for Stress Relief

With healthy meals cooked and stored for the week, we take an hour to ourselves for a couple of yoga flows and meditation. It may look easy at first glance, but many poses require flexibility and strength, especially if you hold them for more than a few seconds.

We choose one of the free workouts on YouTube or go to a local studio. Our yoga routine starts with a quick warmup to get the blood flowing. After an hour of contorting the bodies into complex positions, we appreciate the relaxation of Shavasana. It is a chance to let go of your body and thoughts. Even a couple of minutes of quiet meditation at the end of a yoga routine help us energize and settle our minds.

Many workouts incorporate yoga routines and poses, and you can find the combination that suits your needs. Give it a try, and you will notice how much more flexible and toned your body feels after only a few sessions.

Planning a Winter Vacation

It might seem crazy, but winter is our favorite time for traveling. You wouldn’t believe how much cheaper the fares are, and the number of tourists goes down along with temperature in the winter months. So instead of sunny beaches or snowy mountains, we pick a city to explore for a week and start researching. This year, we are going to discover Vienna, the city of music, cathedrals, and chocolate cake.

According to recent ratings, it is the 22nd most expensive city in the world and the most comfortable place to live. With so many historical sights and exciting events happening in one place, we couldn’t miss the chance to see Vienna in all its winter glory. We are especially excited about apple strudel, organ music, champagne tastings, and opera. Let’s hope one week is enough to appreciate everything Austrian capital has to offer.

If you are wondering how we can afford the trip with most of our assets tied up in the store, online credit is the answer. We have used microloans in the past and found they offer a safe, quick, and easy way to get our hands on some cash. If you decide to embrace winter vacation and follow our example, read the loan’s fine print carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Enjoy your travels, and we’ll see you on the other side!